art practice

2009 – Present        ARTRA – Design Business
                                   Founder, designer

​1985 – Present        Sculptor – group exhibitions, commissions 

2013                 Assistant Editor 'Yenda Documentary'
                          Dynamic Screen Content (Sydney)
                          Guerrilla Art  Street art, Christchurch NZ

2012                 Assistant Producer, Writer, Researcher
                          Documentary Aftermath  (NZ)

1986 - 2008     Philip Jopson Design
                          Self employed stained glass designer

1994 - 1998     Guest Writer for 'Presto' Magazine

1997                 Slam Poetry Winner
                          Christchurch Literary Festival Competition
                          Interview and poetry performance
                          Plains F.M radio station

1995                 Performance artist
                          Wunderbar, Lyttelton, Cabaret Evenning
                          Guest poet
                          Dux de Lux, Christchurch Arts Festival
                          Guest Playwright
                         'Newsbytes' 90 one minute plays

1994                 Poetry Performance
                          Shuffle Café, Ozone Bar Poetry Evening
                          Poetry Performance
                          'Wizywig Wednesday'

1988                 Curator
                          ‘Outsider Art’
                          Street Level Gallery (Sydney)

1988                 Curator
                          ‘Signs of Survival’
                           Street Level Gallery (Sydney)

1988 - 1991      Assistant Curator / Founder Member
                           Street Level Gallery (Sydney)