The Courses

Choose from a wide range of media.
Some craft tools and materials may need to be supplied by participants.   All courses are for Beginners or Advanced.

Want to be able to draw faces, people and objects accurately and realistically? Learn observational drawing using a range of different drawing materials and techniques. Phil uses exercises from Drawing on the Right Hand Side of the Brain developed by Betty Edwards, a proven method for unlocking your hidden artistic talent.
Learn to paint people, landscapes or still life using acrylics in any style.
Produce a personal Mandala, symbolising aspects your deepest self in a beautiful artwork. Experience a state of Flow through a thoughtful and meditative journey while learning about yourself and gaining new skills.
Minimum age 14yrs’ Tools supplied’ Materials cost

Design and create your own unique and magical stained glass work, learning ancient skills which are largely unchanged today.
Discover the wonder of this 1000-year-old art form through the guidance of a master craftsman and gifted teacher.
This versatile technique, developed over a 100 years ago, can be used to create a wide range of beautiful 2D and 3D objects;  Hanging panels, lamps, terrariums, jewellry boxes, birds, flowers, angels, the applications are limitless.
Discover the wonder of this ancient art form as practised during the Byzantine era.  Mesmerising and hypnotic, using the translucent qualities of glass, design and construct your own artwork which will last for centuries.

Materials cost, firing cost
Hand built Clay
Create bowls, birdbaths or a large sculpture from clay and have it fired. It can be an animal, human or fantasy object. You can glaze it in colour and it is suitable for outdoors.

Plaster casting
Create a sculpture out of cement suitable for indoors or outdoors. You will learn how to model in clay and then make a plaster mold which you will then use to cast your sculpture into concrete.
Mask making
Make a striking mask and also cast an exact replica of your own face in clay to be fired. Using plaster this surprisingly easy and simple method will capture your likeness for posterity. Also make a colourful permanent mask which will fit your face perfectly.

Do you feel like your photos could be better?  Are you getting the most out of your camera? Is the technology driving you crazy? This course is for you. You will learn basic digital photography work flow including: how to take better photos, understanding camera settings, basic image manipulation, saving and storing images on your computer or to the web or cloud.
Origami Crane Mobile
Over many years Phil has perfected his mobiles so that they move easily and hypnotically with the slightest breeze. A wonderful gift they are also a proven method for sending babies off to sleep and calming them down. They can be made from paper or from recycled tin for outdoor use.

Jewellery from recycled materials
Phil has exhibited his recycled sculptures and jewellery widely. Benefit from his skills and produce your own intriguing pieces and experience the alchemy of turning household packaging into valuable art.